What are the Types of Washing Machines Available in the Market?

Distinction between Front Load and Top Load Washing Machines

  1. Door

The main difference between the two is the door. Top load has the door on its top and the front load has on its side.

  1. Structure

Besides the placement of the door, the front load washing machine bears no agitator and makes the use of the paddles installed on the side of the drum. In other words, these washing machines are generally gentler on your clothes than its top loading counterparts. Explore our washing machines here: https://www.meselectros.com/produit/laveuse-secheuse-lg-wm3700hva-dlex3700v/.

  1. Capacity

When a top load machine has an agitator, then it occupies more space. This means that front loads have larger loads.

  1. Electricity

Since the front load washing machines have a larger loads means less washes and money can be saved in a long run.

  1. Water

The front load washing machines tend to use less water when it comes to washing the clothes when compared to a top load washing machine.

  1. Space

Many top load machines are narrower in shape so it becomes very easy for it to be fit into a smaller space.

  1. Price

Top load machines are cheaper than the front load machines.

Distinction between fully automatic and semi-automatic washing machines

Semi-automatic machines

  1. These washing machines are cheaper to purchase
  2. You don’t need a direct water connection
  3. You have a control over the amount of water to be used in these washing machines
  4. It mostly requires manual intervention
  5. It can cause some shocks if it is installed without the earthed wiring connections
  6. Its controls are manual
  7. It needs more space.

Fully automatic washing machines

  1. These machines do everything with a mere touch of a button
  2. These machines are way good in power efficiency
  3. These machines are better at removing the stains
  4. It needs less energy and efforts when it comes to doing laundry
  5. Fully automatic washing machines are costlier than the semi
  6. It definitely needs some direct water connection
  7. You cannot add clothes in between the washing cycle.

Seeking the best kind of washing machine relies on your washing needs. However, the main distinction between the two is that the fully automatic washing machines do everything with a mere touch of a button. The semi-automatic washing machines call out for moving the wet clothes from one tub to another. In other words, you need more energy and efforts to work with a semi.

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